Flamehill Vineyard, Montville

Flamehill Vineyard is tucked up in the windswept hills of Montville, a scenic half hour drive into the hinterland from the Sunshine Coast. I know this area all to well, growing up just down the range.

I’ve never eaten, or even wine-tasted, at any winery so heading to Flamehill was sure to be a treat. It was everything I could have expected and more.

The staff were lovely, professional and attended to every need and request. Good service is sometimes a rarity in restaurants and cafes in modern times unfortunately, so the impeccable customer service from the young gent and lady was pleasant.

After pouring myself into the menu, with a few things I wasn’t game to try, I was convinced I’d have to settle for something a little out of my reach, taste-wise. Though, only just before the young waiter came around to me, was it that I spotted their beef burger, for lack of more descriptive terms, which suitably appealed to me.

Now, I’m convinced I cannot eat another burger for the rest of my life. By a long shot, the tender beef, the pumpkin loaf bun, the salad and the delicious beetroot made for the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. While the rest of my family and English boy chewed in on some fine dining; eye fillets, venison and the likes, I was there with my beef burger. Not only was it completely delectable and absolutely breathtaking, it was one of the cheaper menu items available.

The only downfall to the day was in fact nothing to do the with restaurant. Being such atrocious weather, the sky literally opening up with vertically horizontal, relentless rain, the presumably beautiful views of the local scenery were masked by a thick layer of mist. Though not a single other aspect of the lunch could be faltered.

The images attached are not ones of my meal, but those of the equally stunning and delicious meals of my family. If you’re headed the Sunshine Coast hinterland way, and enjoy a good winery and somewhat pricey, but beautiful meals, Flamehill is a good stop.



Tip-top Taps

Taps Australia, yes, is a chain. A chain of bars specialising in craft beers from, you guessed it, taps. The cool part is those taps aren’t being poured upon by maids or barmen, you get to pour them yourself.

We (English Boy, me and his/our mates in tow) dropped by the Mooloolaba Taps bar, seeking out a quick and cheap bite because 1) we didn’t want to pay the ludicrous prices of Mooloolaba Esplanade and 2) we weren’t doing the Maccas run again.

Wary at first, I warmed to the delightful bistro, with awesome snack choices and great seating arrangements. I have a soft spot for board games, so naturally I loved that element too. A couple of us bought a couple of share plates to have amongst five us. Cobb loaf, chicken wings and plenty of fries all for $8 a head and we were stoked. Not only for the price but for the taste too. Easily some of best fries I’ve had in a while, the Cobb loaf I could have eaten for the rest of my life and the guys certainly loved the chicken.

Without a doubt I’ll be going back there for some more board game action and scrumptious bar snacks. Luckily, there’s one down the road from my internship in Fortitude Valley and I’m definitely looking forward to another Taps night there next time.