The Temper Trap blow minds at The Triffid

As I am not a die-hard fan of these Melbourne boys, I was a bit dubious about the likelihood of my enjoyment at the gig on Saturday (7 May). I’ve listened to the albums countless times, and find the music great for dinners and hang out sessions, though I definitely couldn’t call myself a fan up until now. As they released recent singles ‘Thick As Thieves’ and ‘Fall Together’ my passion for the evening quickly gained momentum. The Triffid set the perfect scene for The Temper Trap’s anthem sounds, and although their music is definitely suitable for the big stadiums and arenas they’re accustomed to supporting in, the small venue was equally as fantastic, as their sound echoed through the round roof and through to the top balcony.

Melbourne’s Edward R. opened for The Temper Trap, and to my surprise I found myself amazed. The usual “oh god, when will this support act ever end” couldn’t be said, as these guys took the stage with professionalism, undeniable talent and unique charisma. The lead singer had a fabulous stage presence, as I found myself watching him dance around the stage, and I am most definitely looking forward to following them on their musical adventures in the coming years.

After unexpectedly falling in love with the support act, The Temper Trap finally graced the stage, kicking off the night with the new album’s first single ‘Thick As Thieves’. The performance of the song was as equally, if not more, impressive than the recorded version. Following up with classics such as ‘Love Lost’ and ‘Down River’, the band tested out a whole seven unreleased, unheard new tracks off forthcoming album (named after the initial single release).

Each of the new tracks showcased the incredible songwriting and performance talents of the four blokes, and reassured the crowd that we can expect great things from the new record. Dougy Mandagi’s epic vocals left the crowd in awe for the entire set, and truly finished off the night with some welcomed old favourites, including an extended, heart-pumping rendition of lyric-less ‘Drum Song’ and the famous ‘Sweet Disposition’.

Though for the encore things were shaken up, with a live version of their recent Triple J Like a Version, followed by epic new anthem ‘Fall Together’ and crowd-favourite ‘Science Of Fear’. Much to the delight of fans, the final track saw Dougy jump the barrier into the adoring crowd, dragging his mic with him, giving us an up-close-and-personal experience with the lyrical and vocal legend. Though I found myself being a little disappointed that we didn’t get ‘Fader’ anywhere in the list, the entire night was amazing from start to finish, from the passionate crowd to the echoing of Dougy’s outstanding vocals for days to come.



The Triffid – The Temper Trap set list:

Thick as Thieves
Love Lost
Down River
So Much Sky
Trembling Hands
Summer’s Almost Gone
Drum Song
Sweet Disposition


Soldier On
Multi-Love (Like A Version Cover)
Fall Together
Science of Fear


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