Hearty Hemingway

I have never been to Teneriffe as it’s one suburb which is not only out of the way for me, being westward in Ashgrove, but has always seemed a little too commercial to really immerse into cafes and such.

This morning English boy and his family (and me in tow) headed to his brother’s local cafe, Hemingway, and I was suitably impressed.

The decor, the natural woods and metallic details, the homeliness and the local vibe all made for a beautiful morning. Though it was absolutely pouring down outside, inside felt cozy, snug and was completely sheltered. Staff seemed busy but served with a smile and prices were reasonable, considering the location.

I ordered myself my typical – hot chocolate and a breakfast channeling Ron Swanson, i.e. all the bacon and eggs they had in. After eyeing off the french toast and accompanying ice-cream, I settled for their eggs-your-way, scrambled (is there any other way?) and an extra side of bacon.

The eggs were outstanding – that light, cooked just enough (but not too much) for deliciousness, sour dough toasted to perfection and bacon to die for. So what more could you really want? Let’s be honest, I would have loved a little hash brown on the side, but for those that know me, know that I eat hash browns like they’re the only food on the planet.

My hot chocolate, though always slightly disappointing when they come in a glass (particularly not double-walled) was superb – frothy and delectable, with the little marshmallows resting on my spoon to nibble on. The rest of the family ordered coffees and got a little chocolate freckle on their spoon, which I would have loved, though marshmallows certainly suit the hot chocolate vibe far more.

If not for the distance across to Teneriffe, Hemingway Cafe is the kind of cafe I would frequent if not almost reside in. If you’re in the area, or fancy a trip along the river on the CityCat, it’s one cozy cafe that is a joy to spend the morning in.


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