Dance boy, Vance Joy

IMG_4370Riverstage is never a fun place to be when it has been raining, or much worse when it is raining. Despite the day’s weather, 1000s poured into the venue last night to witness the very Aussie, very charming Vance Joy (or James Keogh) do his beautiful folk-y thing.

Thankfully, after spending the day avoiding the wet, the weather gods held off the downpour for the concert and only a few spatters saw a few less-brave punters throwing on their plastic ponchos. Though many would simply not have noticed if it was pouring, sun shining or hailing, mesmerised by the Vance’s acoustic acoustic chords and stunning voice.

There was not a single complaint from anywhere, as the Melbourne 29-year-old opened with Mess Is Mine, arguably one of his better songs, and continued through many of the hits on his latest LP ‘Dream Your Life Away’. In between songs, James’ threw out cute anecdotes of beginning songwriting and the first family approval, and even kept the crowd giggling with a hilarious ‘becoming a man’ story about catching a spider for his sister just recently.

As expected the curly-headed chap eventually brought out the ukulele, playing the well-known songs from his very first EP ‘God Loves You When You’re Dancing’, the very one that made him the celebrated artist he is today. He captivated the audience with Play With Fire and Snaggletooth, with his charismatic charm glowing. The entire crowd lit up though, when the first chords of the now very-famous ‘Riptide’ began and very quickly everyone was on their feet, dancing and singing.

Then to put the icing on the cake, the band kicked off an epic ‘You Can Call Me Al’ cover, which if you weren’t up and dancing, certainly got you grooving. With a little snippet of Omi’s ‘Cheerleader’ slotted in there too, crowds young and old were having a treat.

As quick as he came on though, James disappeared, only to realise he was a mere 15 minutes from the 10pm curfew and he had to quickly belt out his encore. With a heartfelt ‘My Kind Of Man’ topping the night off lyrically and ‘Fire And The Flood’ capping the night with a fantastic mini fireworks display.

Brisbane Riverstage – Vance Joy set list:

Mess Is Mine
Red Eye
Winds Of Change
All I Ever Wanted
Straight Into Your Arms
From Afar / Wasted Time
Play With Fire
Best That I Can
You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon cover)
My Kind Of Man
Fire And The Flood


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