Tip-top Taps

Taps Australia, yes, is a chain. A chain of bars specialising in craft beers from, you guessed it, taps. The cool part is those taps aren’t being poured upon by maids or barmen, you get to pour them yourself.

We (English Boy, me and his/our mates in tow) dropped by the Mooloolaba Taps bar, seeking out a quick and cheap bite because 1) we didn’t want to pay the ludicrous prices of Mooloolaba Esplanade and 2) we weren’t doing the Maccas run again.

Wary at first, I warmed to the delightful bistro, with awesome snack choices and great seating arrangements. I have a soft spot for board games, so naturally I loved that element too. A couple of us bought a couple of share plates to have amongst five us. Cobb loaf, chicken wings and plenty of fries all for $8 a head and we were stoked. Not only for the price but for the taste too. Easily some of best fries I’ve had in a while, the Cobb loaf I could have eaten for the rest of my life and the guys certainly loved the chicken.

Without a doubt I’ll be going back there for some more board game action and scrumptious bar snacks. Luckily, there’s one down the road from my internship in Fortitude Valley and I’m definitely looking forward to another Taps night there next time.


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