My ‘local’, The Grove

In the midIMG_9837dle of Ashgrove, The Grove bar has been on my to-do list of bars and eateries ever since moving back to Brisbane over six months ago. The quaint, vintage-style bar and adjoining restaurant is a quick stop-off from the grocery giants next door, but is certainly no carbon-copy of the chains around it.

For English Boy’s official birthday date night, we walked the quiet streets of Ashgrove and headed to The Grove to grab a few celebratory drinks and something to nibble on. The local name, in itself, perfectly encompasses its definite ‘local’ atmosphere. With a warming, homely feel, the unique downstairs bar had an exciting familiarity and comfortability, even though we’d never set foot in the place. Everyone not only seemed local, but The Grove perfectly combines the features anyone could want at their ‘local’. There were options for both indoor and outdoor seating perfect for the whirlwind that is Queensland’s climate and weather, quite a pleasant surprise of comfortable seating, a range of delicious yet easy on the wallet meal options and most importantly friendly staff.

Although there were few tables to be seen without ‘reserved’ signs (yes, we forgot to book), the staff not only catered for us, but for a large group outside and an even larger inside gathering of family and friends for a 21st birthday. The bar was quickly filled with young 20-somethings and bustling after-work drinkers, however, we were served in a timely and friendly manner. Our order, a deliciously meaty pizza and side of chips, appeared quickly after ordering and were undoubtedly fantastic.

I can safely say that I’ll be returning to the bar – if for nothing else than its convenience. But luckily for them, when I return, it will also be for the great atmosphere and delicious food.